Influencer Agreement

This agreement (“the Influencer Agreement”) will govern your participation in attending this TourismHQ Limited (“TourismHQ”) event.

By entering into to the Influencer Agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

Please be advised that by entering into this agreement on behalf of another legal person or persons, or commercial entity, you are warranting that you are authorised to bind the legal person or persons, or commercial entity, to the terms of the Influencer Agreement.

This Influencer Agreement is between “you” and TourismHQ, a registered New Zealand company trading under the brands SPRING BREAK™ and BLUESKY.

You and TourismHQ agree as follows:

1. The Event.
1.1. The Influencer Agreement governs all promotions leading up to, including and following this event (“the Event’).

2. Influencer Package.
2.1. In consideration for TourismHQ providing you with an event package for the Event, you agree to becoming an ambassador for the Event (“Ambassador”) and providing the following commitments and services to TourismHQ:

2.1.1. You agree to:

(a) Participate in the Event’s activities and events;

(b) Being available to assist with reasonable Event related tasks;

(c) Being a “cheerleader” for the Event, promoting positive morale and a positive sense of community amongst the attendees of the Event;

(d) Being visible and accessible to attendees throughout the Event;

(e) Promoting the Event through social media (as addressed in greater detail below).

Code of Conduct
2.1.2. You:

(a) Agree to accept the authority of TourismHQ staff, and that of your principal suppliers’ staff, and at all times comply with their requests and directions;

(b) Agree to a zero tolerance policy regarding visible intoxication, threatening or abusive behaviour, both physical and verbal, risk taking and/ or property vandalism.

Social Media
2.1.3. You will advise TourismHQ of the social media platform(s) that you wish to utilise for
promoting the Event.

2.1.4. You agree to adhere to the following requirements for each specific social media
platform as applicable to the social media platform(s) that you have elected to utilise to promote the Event:

(a) Instagram: If you are posting on Instagram, you agree to post photos that prominently feature the event or locations, styled as you wish, linking to the relevant Event’s designated Instagram pages (e.g. @bluesky_fiji, @springbreakraro, @springbreak_fiji) and using the Event’s designated hashtags (e.g. #blueskyfiji, #springbreakraro #springbreakfiji, #georgefmnz);

(b) Facebook: If you are posting on Facebook, you agree to post one or more images, videos, and/ or articles promoting the Event and/ or its location, always invoking a call-to-action by our followers as well as linking to the Event’s designated Facebook page or the Event’s website;

(c) Snapchat: If using a Snapchat channel, you agree to promote the Event by endorsing the Event’s @Gotroppo Snapchat account in “snaps”;

(d) Vlogs and Blogs: You agree that all videos and/ or blog articles will promote the Event, its location and its activities, as well as your personal experience with TourismHQ’s brands;

(e) Other: You agree to promote the Event and its location using the links and/ or hashtags set out above, in any combination, howsoever is practical.

Content Guidelines
2.1.5. You agree that all content created and posted by you for the purpose of promoting the
Event will adhere to TourismHQ’s respective brands’ standards, specifically: you will not document, depict, encourage or promote nudity, profanity, offensive behaviour, destructive behaviour, or unlawful behaviour.

Suggested Social Media KPIs
2.1.6. You agree to promote the Event across your social media and engaged audiences
using the following suggested modes of social media activation:

Pre Event
(a) A minimum of three (3) social media posts across Facebook and/ or Instagram, including the announcement of “on sale” dates, promoting ticket sales, and hyping TourismHQ’s brands or the Event;

(b) One (1) Snapchat competition takeover;

During Event
(c) A minimum of two (2) social media posts across Facebook or Instagram, promoting the Event, its location, and/ or activities;

(d) Promoting the event via a personal snapchat each day;

(e) One (1) day snapchat competition takeover;

Post Event
(f) A minimum of three (3) social media “Throwbacks”’ within three (3) months of the Event.

Content Statistics
2.1.7. After you complete your agreed-upon posts, TourismHQ may request that you send a
direct link to the material and/ or a screenshot(s), along with relevant statistics of your completed material, to, so that TourismHQ may track your progress and consider you for further events.

Continuation of Participation
2.1.8. Should you breach any of the terms herein, TourismHQ may terminate your participation
in the Event.

Product Content
2.1.9. You grant TourismHQ a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free,
worldwide license to use any of the data, content, photos, images, videos, articles and other content created, posted, shared, sent and/ or otherwise disseminated by you, howsoever occurring, in the course of performing the Influencer Agreement.

2.1.10. You agree that for the duration of the Event you will not consume alcohol in a manner or
quantity which results in visible intoxication of any kind.

2.1.11. You agree that the sale, possession and/ or use of illegal drugs is both unlawful and
strictly prohibited conduct throughout the duration of the Event.

Sponsorship Disclosure
2.1.12. You agree to disclose your sponsors, clients and/ or band affiliations to TourismHQ, in
writing, ahead of the Event and in-turn TourismHQ agrees to keep confidential such disclosed information, acknowledging its commercial sensitivity to you.

Prohibited Activities
2.1.13. You agree that discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual
orientation, age or disability or any other unlawful basis under applicable law is both unlawful and strictly prohibited conduct while performing the Influencer Agreement.

Pull Out Clause
You understand that a significant amount of work goes in to planning these experiences, and that a cancellation could be disastrous to the event. You understand that either:

a) If you cancel with 21 days or more until the trip, THQ asks that you find a suitable and qualified replacement.
b) If within 20 days of the event, we require the cost of your trip to be reimbursed to TourismHQ.