The Rise of Experiential Travel in New Zealand

When it comes to travel and leisure, Kiwis are renowned travellers, explorers and nomads.

Sir Edmund Hillary for one has inspired countless young kiwis to get out there, explore the world and soak in all that it has to offer. To be brave and daring, yet conscious and mindful.

Experiential travel is on the rise in New Zealand and it’s not looking like it’s going to slow down. So why, we ask, is New Zealand seeing such a surge in the demand for experiential travel?

As a nation known for its OE-kids hitting up all corners of the globe (well, mainly London!) why is it only now that we’re seeing a rise in Kiwis wanting more fulfilling, wholesome and authentic travel experience on a super tight budget?

Well, perhaps the demand was always secretly there. With thanks to innovations in technology, the world is now more better connected. Travel is far more accessible and the idea of exploring the globe, meeting new people and learning about new cultures is not a romantic and far fetched notion but is totally achievable.

What is experiential travel?

Before we delve into the reasons why experiential travel is on the rise in NZ, perhaps we should pinpoint exactly what experiential travel is.

It is the act of travelling to a destination in order to connect with the people, the history and the culture in a profound and meaningful way; not merely to visit, photograph and leave.

Experiential travel allows travellers to learn about the world. With that in mind, comes the opportunity to make genuine and long lasting connections with local people and to grow as an individual. Not solely focusing on these more serious aspects, experiential travel is too about fun, enjoyment and making memories; being adventurous, daring and free, thus making it a travel and leisure experience worth partaking in!

At Tourism HQ we have experiential travel opportunities that include music festivals, sports tournaments and parties. We offer our clients the opportunity to learn and connect with the community culture they’re travelling to, while simultaneously relaxing, unwinding and having fun.

Why a rise in experiential travel in New Zealand?

We’re a fairly home-oriented bunch of people if truth be told. But here at Tourism HQ we also know that an island is our home; our ancestors explored the seas, the land and everything in between. In us all there is an innate desire to explore and this wanderlust can’t be fought, only nurtured.

What’s the best way to nurture wanderlust? Why, through experiential travel of course.

Naturally, travel has its hassles, its stresses and its nauseating unpredictabilities. However, here at Tourism HQ we eliminate all this by offering young, hungry, passionate Kiwis the opportunity to explore the world with a safety net.

Travel and leisure opportunities

Many of our clients are travelling abroad for the first time. They don’t want a bog-standard five days in the sun, they’re striving for more. And more we provide! Our Spring Break Experiences offer young Kiwis the opportunity to party hard while travelling mindfully and respectfully with ease.

Our Fijian Cup touch rugby tournament connects some of Oceania’s best grassroots players together for the experience of a lifetime. In fact, rugby is at the core of the Kiwi spirit and here at Tourism HQ we have married experiential travel with the Kiwi love of rugby into one incredible package.

These are just a few examples of the experiential travel opportunities we are offering to New Zealanders. There’s so much more!

Since our inception in 2012 we here at Tourism HQ have seen demand for our experiences skyrocket. Our events and packages sell out in a matter of hours. Consequently we haven’t sat back and rested on our laurels watching demand grow, we’ve upped our game. We’ve listened to what Kiwis want and delivered it in droves. Year upon year we’re changing the game.

Experiential travel is on the rise in New Zealand. We at Tourism HQ are proud to be pioneering this new era of tourism in our amazing nation. We are proud to serve Kiwi’s and to offer unrivalled experiences and unprecedented festivals and events to the most adventurous population on earth.